Fiver Case Study

Part1: niche , keyword research less competitive high selling gigs.Achieve level one on two month old profile 📷🙂
Topic : SEOFirst of all I will not share my profile link is liya koe profile link ke bat na kara.Case study:
Fiverr is money making machine if you run it wisely i am not the big fan of fiverr before as I love upwork but sooch badal jati ha jub apka pass calculation ho.
calculation ? yes calculations.
mara ak rule ha jo muja success hasil karna ma madad karta ha
“jaha laws fail ho jata hain vaha sa calculation start kiya karo jaha laws samjh nahi ata vaha Math is winner”
yahih same rule chalaya mana fiverr pa
my main focus is to find the niche, keywords having less number of gigs.
how you find keywords or niche ? remember your competitors are you best source if you are missing your competitors then tuse pagal oo.
for example : I searched keyword research on fiverr or simply go to category digital marketing >> seo >> and sub categoriesI pick the suggested keywords , related terms , keywords from the title of top competitors , tag use by my I will search all these picked keywords on fiverr if I will find any gap I will start my next calculation
let say I find the niche “keywords for amazon affiliate site”
now I will start my calculation again 🙂
I will calculate the number of order in queue on my all picked keywords : try to find the best low competitive and high selling keywords
this line is very very important : try to find those niches having less number of gigs and more orders in queue.
agr nahi milti pir sa dhoondo 100 dafa karna para 100 dafa karo mil jae ga bus positive mind sa agr apko niche , keywords mil gaye what next? start planning 🙂 start analyzing your top competitors
list down the categories in which your competitors are making gigs like : some people are making gigs on keyword research but those category as “competitors analysis”
this is also very important part.
now you have niche , keywords , category.
ab ap zara is post ko share kara or mari next post ka wait kara usma gig bna na ka tareeqa btao ga
and 3rd part ma yeh btao ga ka mana kasay apni gigs ko rank kiya 🙂this is the first part of case study
2nd part will be on “how to make gig that will rank easily”
3rd part will be “how I rank my gigs with simple formula”

public zara share pa click karta jao
part2: gig creation ,tracking your position , case study what I do when my gig have no order.
while writing part#1 20 orders marked on first gig and now 4 more down.

as we discuss in first part how we can find the low competitive high selling niches , keywords

now here is detail guide , tips tricks or jo bhe ap log kehta hain isko.

first of all your biggest tension is gig images 🥺
Never Ever forgot your competitors 🙂
go to your competitors gig at least pick 4 to 5 gigs having good elements in images
yes elements 🙂 we not going to copy anyones gig but elements xD
inspect element kar ka gig ke images download kar direct photoshop pa la jao or vaha sa jo elements apko chae vo nikal ka apna gig ready karlo.
Yes I know people will judge me here 🙂 to karlo bhi apna kiya jata ha hum to bus time buchata hain.

now here comes the most important part:
a 2 number Trick 🙂 first of all write your main keyword instead of writing complete title and save you gig
pros: your permalink will be save as your keyword and your permalink is short as well
now update your title like this :
I will do +unique word +niche or main keyword+secondly keyword+time (optional)

use your main keyword in start , also use other keywords in description as well
make your description professional

use you niche or main keyword as first tag , and rest of 4 tag will be your top 4 competitors first tag
open top competitors pick the first or most relevant tag and past it in tag section pick only one tag from each gig.

add as much detail as in your gig : add 3 type of packages , add some images of your work , if there is any sample file also attach sample file
add questions and answers as well put the keywords in your questions answer as well.

now publish the gig

but this is old method everyone know this method:
as I mentioned in first case study that category is very very important
you can see in above picture my first gig scored 24 orders and the third gig scored 6 and here is an amazing thing
both gigs are on same topic , almost same image , almost same title , same description
but why one gig got 24 orders and other 6 ? category 🙂
sometime most people select the wrong category so play wisely
you have 7 horses only one win the race lakin maidain ma subko utarna hota ha 🙂
make 7 gigs on the same topic (low competitive high sale) your probability of getting orders is high 🙂

now start some calculation :
if there is 100 gigs on xyz keyword and also have decent sales if you put your 7 gigs into those 100 what is the possibily that buyer will pick your gig?
7/100 = 7%
but if there are 10000 gig and you put your 7 gig into 10000 then what is the probability of getting order?
7/10000 = 0.07%
ask your self who is the winner? 7% or 0.07%

now after putting your all ball in one basket try to find your ball from the basket
kasay ? manually search your main and secondly keywords on fiverr and find your gig in newest arrival , relevancy section

what next ? who to rank your dead gig ? how to rank your new gig ?
to bhio or behno 3rd part ka intizar farmao 🙂

Part3: gig ranking , process of taking order or review , dead gig

first of all I want to mention I am not expert of any thing but I am sharing everything I tested pata nahi apko koe faida ho ya na ho lakin mana apna ilm ko share kar ka apni zimadari pori ke.

Gig Ranking :
as I already mention in last part that you should track your gigs on your main and secondary keywords manually.
let me tell you how i rank my gigs:
I tracked my gigs for about 2 weeks first gigs are in newest arrival section on top 10 positions after sometime one of my gig started appearing on big keywords “keyword research” on 3 page.
yes on 3rd page now here I planed to take the fake order but I used different approach to take fake review.
NOTE: profile was totally new profile and with no order but after two month I have 40+ order completed 🙂
approach of taking order :
most of the people know me as designer or freelancer but they are wrong I am full time working on amazon xD.
here is the strategy of getting fake order:
ask reviewer to search main keyword or secondary keyword on fiverr open top 5 gigs and open your gig from the relevancy section along with top 5 results now ask reviewer to send message to all top 5 gigs and your gig.
now reply as soon as you receive the message ask reviewer to have little chat with all other freelancer and place order on your gig and leave 5 star review 🙂
reason of doing this?
do you in amazon , play store , fiverr all these type of platform have one thing common guess what? a related section
amazon have : people may also like this product
play store have : related to this app
and fiverr have : recommended for you
now have you ever thing to get your gig into “recommended section”?
nahi na to bhi ab sono yeh kasa hota ha we use this strategy in amazon
we add our competitors product into add to cart along with our product in order to let amazon algo know buyer is more interested in your product , or buyer feel your product is better
amazon consider it a positive signal and start showing your product into related section of your competitors product page.

I use same method on fiverr and see my gigs in recommended for you section by same method 🙂
it might be technical to understand but who crack it will understand what I am trying to achieve.

Dead Gig Method:
I have no idea of making dead gig alive but thid happened to me on same account as well
my top gig on same account is dead and also deranked even I have 5 star review and 8 orders completed
I always take the risks 🙂 I change the title completely and right the very unique title with same keyword and also change the image and add a small offer in gig.
after 24 hours i receive one order and one of my previous client also place the custom order and after that day my gig is ranking continuously.
upon analyzing I notice few things : when my gig have more orders in queue gig ranking increase
when i have more favorites my gig ranking increase.
changing title , changing category , changing price , adding offer and having orders in queue will push the dead gig
ta bhio ik gul yad rakho “old is gold” once you old gig ranked no one will derank it untill you will mistakes.
one apology:
I will not answer any question and also will not replying to anyone because on 14th jan I have final year project presentation ap logo ke duaon ke zarorat ha.

after my presentation I will share my BreakingBad formula
what is BreakingBad formula?
it help me to earn $4k from a single gig in a single month and also earn $3K with shopify from same gig.
it help me to earn $3k (still earning) from a single tshirt on merch.
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people who already knows the breakingBad formula knows the importance of my words.

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