Should we use HASHTAGS?

I have been doing Instagram Marketing for several clients now and I am always asked this question.Most of us would answer YES! without a blink of an eye!But how true is it?I wanted to test out whether hashtags really help us grow? or is it just a myth?So, I tested this for 1 month and I was really shocked with the result I got.Let me break it for you in simple words. Also, I will summarize it before sharing the entire study because I know most of the people here are too lazy to read the whole thing.********************Hashtags will help you gain “REACH”, so if you wish to reach out to the masses use them, else don’t use them or use them occasionally.********************So, now it’s time for my little case study.So, I selected 4 accounts each having different niche and sizes1. Comedy: 600K2. Fashion: 180K3. Photography: 500k4: Generalised: 250K


I divided the month into 2 part1-14days: I used 1 well-researched hashtag set each day. Despite the number of posts that was made, I used 1 set for all the post made on that day14-28days: I analyzed each post and chose the sets that worked and reused them for 7 days and lastly I used the best sets for the last 1 week.Results:

  1. Reach increased by 30%
  2. Profile visits increased by 25%
  3. Followers increased by 15%


In this month the time I used for hashtags research and stuff was utilized in other things(I will share these in other posts). And I didn’t use any hashtagsResults:

  • Reach decreased by 10% as compared to the month when I used hashtags
  • Profile visits increased by 2%
  • Followers increase by 25%

P.S: Sharing the pic below of the differenceMy analysis:Hashtags and Explore are the sections from where you get the most of the audience which doesn’t follow you

  1. If you use hashtags your reach from the explore section gets reduced. And explore section is where you will get most of the followers as it is customized for every individual
  2. Also, if you want to get your brand visibility! then use hashtags at the start but after gaining decent followers aim for your post to reach the most in the explore section.

I am glad if you read the complete study. Don’t forget to ask doubt and also please do share your experience.

The Secret to get your POST VIRAL on INSTAGRAM

Well! we all want to get our post viral on Instagram, but is there any secret behind that?
Every other creator suggests for basic things

  1. Good hashtags
  2. Consistent Posting
    3: Number of comments
    But how accurate are these tips?
    So, before coming to any conclusion I wanted to test a thing in several accounts having different following
  3. 13k followers: My account
    2, 160K followers: Fashion Influencer
    3: 200K Followers: Viner
    4: 550K Follower: Fashion Influencer
    5: 1M Follower: Photography Influencer
    So, I wanted to test why the posts get viral and what is the reason or main thing which makes the content/post Viral on Instagram?
    Priority order of the things I noticed after the test were…
  • Saves
  • Shares
  • Story Mentions
  • Comments
  • Hashtags
    A detailed case study will be released soon 😃
    Feel free to drop your theories regarding this.

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